Wow, this year is flying by!

March flew by. And now April is almost over.

Other than working really hard on a successful Kickstarter campaign – more on that soon- I’ve been super busy with music.

Here is something of a recap from the last month and a half or so.  I focused on immigrants in NYC in March.  I thought the music came out really well.  We are still putting final touches on the recordings, but they should be out soon.

Here is a quick overview of how the month went.  It’s also a look into how I go about working through this material every month.

I always start by doing musical exercises that get my fingers working and my mind thinking about creativity, composition, melodies, etc. I also like to do free association with words that pertain to the community I am speaking with.  It helps me get ideas together in a very loose way:


I then spoke to as many people in the immigrant community as I could and recorded the conversations.  The clips I ended up using in this month’s music were from a teacher I spoke with from Ecuador.  I thought her story was indicative of the experiences of many immigrants. I met her through a friend of my wife and I, named Maya.  She is teacher at a public elementary school in the city and got me in touch with this particular woman, who also teaches with her. I met her at the school during her lunch hour and we talked about her experience.

So, then I go home and listen to the recordings.  I write, practice, and think about music.  I start sketching out lots of ideas, some of them good, some of them not so much.  In the last few days leading up to the recording I write out everything and orchestrate it for the band.

Then we record everything. This month it was on March 21st. Here are the musicians who made it possible.


The performance was at the Douglass Street Music Collective in Brooklyn:


(sorry this picture says nothing. I need to get better at documenting!)

April has been focused on children in the city. Our recording session is this upcoming week, and the performance is on May 6th.  I’ll post more about that soon. If you are in NYC, please come on out to the Douglass Street Music Collective on May 1st. It’s going to be an awesome show.

Thanks for reading!

Take care,



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