“Memory is what makes it possible to collect flowers in January”.

The culmination of my work with NYC seniors during January was last week at the first Aerial Photograph concert of the year. It was awesome. I ended up writing three tunes for the group. One was a total remake of the old standard “Young at Heart”, which, despite being unfortunately associated with margarine commercials and life insurance ads, is actually a really beautiful song. I also wrote a ballad and a ‘groove’ oriented song. Together, the three pieces are a suite I am calling “Elder City”. The songs include audio snippets from some of the seniors I spoke with, which I think really adds a lot of depth to the listening experience. The show was well attended (thanks in large part to the efforts of my amazing wife!), and the room sounded great. I think a video will be coming soon.

The seniors I engaged with this month shared a lot of wonderful memories and stories with me for which I am very grateful. With age comes experience. With experience comes perspective. And, I think, with perspective comes wisdom. I got to spend time with some very wise people this month.

I’ll put a link up to the recordings soon so you can share in this experience too.

Thanks for reading.



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