It’s a Different World.


The title of this post is something I heard a lot this past week while talking to older folks in NYC…


Talking with seniors this week has been great. I met some really inspiring folks in their 80’s and 90’s. I met them mostly at the Carter Burden Center and the Lenox Hill house in Manhattan, which are both wonderful institutions for seniors in the city.  They shared some awesome stories about how life in New York has changed since when they were young, for the good and the bad.  Here’s one quick one.  One woman I spoke with was 93 and had been a singer since she was 5.  She remembered when Rockefeller Center was being built!  She was performing in a revue at Carnegie Hall one New Year’s Eve in the 50’s and there was a female comedian also performing named Belle Barth, known for telling dirty jokes (dirty by 1940’s standards).  When she came on the stage to perform her material the police raided Carnegie Hall and detained her for lewd behavior.  The woman I spoke to said she remembered seeing police officers in the wings of the stage.  Hard to believe, right?

From Wikipedia:

“In 1953, Barth was arrested and fined 25 dollars for her act; several other cases against her were thrown out of court, including one lawsuit for 1.6 million dollars, brought by two schoolteachers who claimed that Barth’s act had corrupted them morally and harmed their health”.

What a different world we live in.

Thanks for reading~



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